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The Evidence Report II

January 2023

Well here it is. No more clickbait. The Evidence Report II – the sequel !

A consolidation of actual work and workplace trends happening today; summarized from over 20 interviews with workplace leaders, many responsible for global portfolios, where the focus of the conversation was the office spaces and the employees who use these.

Having a passion for sharing evidence-based findings, we have updated our research about what is really happening at work. In this report, we summarize the key trends observed, including a noticeable decline in anxiety levels.

We heard that most workplace and real estate leaders are now more relaxed about how their employees are working, and occupancy levels of their offices. The race to find longer-term solutions, or returns, has diminished for many.

We've also shared successful return to office initiatives.

We are grateful to the 20 workplace leaders (responsible for over 35m sqft of office space) who took the time to share with us the process, activities and initiatives they are taking when it comes to new ways of working.

We hope you find the report useful.

If you'd like any further information or a trusted guide for implementing your new way of working, office design or real estate strategy review, do reach out.

Download your free copy here:

The Evidence Report-II
Download PDF • 5.42MB


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