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Your Hybrid Workplace Specialist

CRUX is your caring, experienced and knowledgeable guide helping you evolve the new way of working for your business.  That means it’s done right the first time.  Through engagement, CRUX creates the optimal workplace design where teams want to be, and identifies any real estate rationalization opportunities using evidence-based methods.

CRUX creates workplace designs that enable employee performance & encourage collaboration 

Our Expertise

Space Planning & Test Fits
Utilization Studies
Existing Office Reviews
People Centric Designs
Space Rationalization
Existing Office Analysis
Hub & Spoke Strategies
Business Case Support


Hybrid Working Guides
Change Roadmap
Team Agreements & Etiquette
Communication Strategy
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Activity Based Analysis
Collaboration Mapping
In Office / Remote Projections
Space Budget Calculator


Upskilling for Hybrid Leaders
Well-being & Performance
Actionable Insights
Detailed Analysis

  • Co-created people first solutions that appeal to employees and leadership 

  • Attracting and retaining top talent

  • Enabling innovation through stronger connections 

  • Access to a world leading toolkit that takes the guesswork out of hybrid working 

  • Right-sizing your real estate

  • Careful Change Management to enable successful implementation

Workplace Anchor


Enhancing your workplace flexibility for hybrid working

There are many good reasons why the office is still an essential part of an organization.  When well-executed, it is the beating heart of the business.

With the major shift we have seen in technology, meeting types, and location independent work, workplace strategy is centerstage to ensure offices remain relevant.


Collaboration, idea exchange, onboarding/training, and internal networks are strengthened in-person. When facilities do not support the nuanced needs of employees, organizations are missing key benefits.

A functional, purpose-built workplace strategy maximizes performance of your employees and becomes a destination that compels utilization.

No matter where your organization is on your journey to a future way of working, CRUX is here to help!


Our proven process takes the guesswork out of workplace design; our people centric, data driven approach utilizes data from deep engagement to ensure your path forward fits your organization's unique needs.


WEX Engagement Tool: Learn about our innovative platform and how it can help define your future way of working.

Real Estate Anchor
Change Anchor
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Optimizing and aligning 
real estate with business needs

Trends in office design and ways of working has long influenced real estate footprints.  As the purpose of the office begins to shift, there is likely to be a fundamental change in how much space is needed, where it should be located, and the occupation model (lease/flex space).

While there are many options in the headlines, it is important that your approach supports the long-term future of your business.  With so much change, what metrics should be the basis of your decisions?

An impartial, bespoke, business led analysis of your real estate portfolio needs is essential.  With the potential for significant savings and a means to enhance broker conversations, this step is more important than ever.

This is where we come in.

CRUX supports organizations using our time-tested qualitative and quantitative data methodology to develop scenarios to ensure your real estate portfolio is right-sized.



Guiding your people through important workplace changes.

It is no surprise that change of any size creates uncertainty within organizations.  When you overlay change affecting employees within your organization and societal changes, its clear that we are immersed in a season of evolution.


Thoughtful, human-centric approaches to managing change have become more important than ever for organizations of all sizes, but especially those that are large-scale.


In organizations, even minor shifts can create significant ripples across the entire organization, for better or worse. The health of your organization hinges on your ability to engage and guide your people through changes.


CRUX believes workplace change management is key to ensuring your intentions for future ways of working are achieved through people and place.  Our approach enhances employee buy-in, encourages optimal utilization of real estate, and reduces human resource challenges created by organizational change.


We work to ensure your people and developing systems are supported as the organization shifts to the future way of working uncovered through our Workplace Strategy and Design process.  Together we can ensure employees are just as, if not more, motivated and equipped than before to excel at their roles.

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