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CRUX Workplace - About Us

We are a valued and trusted advisor with a focused suite of workplace strategy & design, real estate strategy, and change management services.  Our niche offerings are an asset to clients and partnering organizations.


Beyond skillset and know-how, I believe the key to our success is the quality of our people and their dedication to client's successful outcomes.

- David George

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David George

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Mark Bradshaw

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Lauren Pollack

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Iain Clarke

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Lis Gleed

Liese Lord

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Mbali Chaise

CRUX Workplace is based in the U.S. with a sister company iPWC Ltd, in the UK. Established in early 2016.  The companies built on the more than 30 years of workplace and real estate experience of our founders David George and Mark Bradshaw.


David and Mark, together, have a wide-range of experience, most notably as leaders in workplace strategy, facilities management, real estate strategy and operations, and construction projects at the BBC.  David joined the UK's largest outsourcing company, in 2006, establishing a leading workplace team, where he led until co-founding iPWC in 2016.  In 2020, David expanded operations to the U.S. opening CRUX Workplace in San Diego, CA.  

Teamwork makes the dream work.

From humble beginnings, we have scaled our team to meet the complex demands of the changing nature of work.  In order to provide expertise in real estate, workplace, and change management we have built a team of intelligent, compassionate, and ethical people who are all experts in their own right.  


You can count on our seasoned team to deliver exceptional solutions to client challenges, drawing on experiences from previous senior positions in businesses as leaders in workplace, real estate, and facilities management.  We have faced many of the challenges our clients are facing, first-hand.


Our philosophy is that work is what you do, not where you go.


We are a team of flexible workers who contribute to projects, serve clients, and collaborate with one another from separate continents, different cities, and even opposite hemispheres... never skipping a beat.  Our team works synergistically to create successful outcomes for our clients using our innovative tools and methodologies.  

Partnerships with leading experts.

We are proud to partner with like-minded organizations and solopreneurs around the world.  Since 2020, our Design Strategy partnership with global leading architectural and interior design firm, Scott Brownrigg (SB+C in the US), has allowed us to extend our reach and impact.  We are actively looking for more U.S. based partners to work with.

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We don't apply band-aids.  We build foundations, enabling new ways of working that "move the needle" for the companies we support.


Beyond the time of our services, we tend to leave a lasting impact on our client's organizations. We are proud to see these organizations grow and thrive, inspired by our methodologies.


Our work is people centric.  We believe the information we gain through deep engagement provides the roadmap for enabling employees to work to their highest potential, whether that be in a workplace that we have redesigned or remotely.  This alignment has the power to enhance output through inspiring higher levels of passion and shared purpose in the organization.  


To us, this creates purpose for our work.  For you, it creates results that better your business in  ways you might not have realized could be provided by consultants.


We make it happen!

This is what we believe.

Explore our Projects.

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