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Key Trends in 2023

Through our work with wonderful clients and partners across the US, we've noticed common themes emerging in the workplace.

Here is a snapshot of five key trends we are seeing at the start of 2023.

We’ll be sharing articles over the next few weeks to dig deeper into each of the topics.

1 - Let's Go! Decisions Abound. - Organizations are ready to move forward with changes, as opportunities for improvement have become more tangible.

2 - Rationalization Meets Innovation - At the intersection of reducing footprint and flexible work modalities, right-sizing real estate is now an opportunity for business innovation.

3 - Flexibility vs. Flex-washing - While some organizations are committing to flexibility, others are leveraging flexibility as a perk, subject to change.

4 - Working, Together - A growing number of employees, who have autonomy and trust, are interested in working from places other than their homes.

5 - Easing out of Burnout - Through change, many of us are carrying outdated relics. It is time to assess when we do things, how we do things, and why.

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