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Optimizing and aligning 
real estate with business needs

The pandemic has changed the way that we work; in some cases, accelerating a change that had already started, in others it has been a catalyst for change.  It has taught us that for many 'work' is not only carried out in an office space, but an activity which can often be performed remotely.

This new way of working has not only impacted the location of work and the design of the workplace, but it has also had a big impact on how much real estate we need to support our business.  Potentially a fundamental change in how much space we need, where it should be located and what the occupation model (lease/ flex space) looks like. 

There are many options open to you, for instance you may be considering a ‘hub and spoke’ model or other options. 






But first an impartial, bespoke business led analysis of how much real estate you need is required. This could potentially save you significant sums of money off your real estate bill, and is essential for briefing your broker when changes are made. This is where we come in.

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Making your workplace hybrid working ready

With the rapidly changing nature of work, you'll need to be responding to make sure your employees have the best environments when they are in your workplace.

We have seen first hand, the kind of impact that developing great workplaces can have on a company's performance when carefully designed and well-executed.

We have seen a major shift over the last two years to  remote working with a shift to hybrid working as we emerge from the pandemic.

There are many good reasons why the office is an essential part of any business - a hybrid approach to working - and we know how important it is to create a functional, purpose-built workplace strategy that not only maximises the performance of your employees, but also becomes a destination they actually want to come to.

If you are starting the journey of creating your future way of working and want to understand how to do just that, reach out to our team, find out more about our proven process here:

WEX Engagement Tool: Learn about our innovative new tool and how it can help with defining your future way of working.


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Guiding your people through important workplace changes.

Whilst start-ups or even small businesses with fewer numbers of staff can adapt quickly to change and manage the disruption of Covid-19, strategy shifts and relocations, the same is rarely true for larger businesses. 
In a big organization with high employee headcount across multiple teams and in some cases, multiple locations minor shifts can create significant ripples across the entire organization, which bring with them a wide range of human resource challenges that do require careful handling.
This is why one of our core services is workplace change management. We're aware that the changing nature of work can be uncertain times for employees, and to avoid the 'great resignation' in your business, it is essential to engage and guide your people through new changes so that they're just as, if not more, motivated than before, to excel at their roles once the dust of change has settled down.