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Rationalization Meets Innovation

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Follow along as we share articles digging into five key trends we are seeing at the start of 2023. See the five trends here!

Rightsizing Has Never Been So Innovative.

Organizations have an opportunity to move their workplace into a new era of growth by reflecting on the needs of their business and employees. Through real estate rationalization, a company is matching their strategic and operational demands by adjusting their real estate footprint.

This is a great time to optimize and align real estate to a more supportive operating model, while freeing up capital for other initiatives.

We are entering a time of decision making. Some organizations are reducing overhead to maintain operations, others are reimagining or taking on space to align with their new way of working. When you are strategizing your space needs for a new operating model, it can be overwhelming to know how much square footage you’ll need and how to best utilize that space.

Many real estate and facilities teams have been mandated to reduce footprint, but that doesn’t mean that you can just reduce; reconfiguration and reimagination are essential to ensure the spaces have relevance and truly support the new way of working.

In this time of change to operations and employee preferences, these efficiencies create workplaces that enhance performance and reduce costs associated with attrition.

Reduce Risk with Evidence-Based Assessments

It is possible to reduce risk when making your next real estate decision. Analysis and forecasting, using tools to engage employees throughout the organization, can create a clear picture of spatial needs. This is particularly important when new technology, behaviors and flexible working arrangements across teams have changed the way people are using the traditional office.

Evidence-based assessments can determine the rentable square footage.

  1. Analyze which locations enable your employees to do their best work.

  2. Understand management objectives and vision.

  3. Map duration, activity, adjacency, and personas to configure the workplace design.

Rationalizing is an opportunity to create a strategic roadmap for the future of your workplace, to include the activities and a beneficial level of flexibility that will attract and retain employees, while being cost efficient in use.

Opening your view to new operating models, space types, and locations, can help you find a solution that truly meets the needs of our organization and workforce.

You may consider a hub and spoke strategy with flex or co-working spaces, distributed to reflect resource geographies. There is also value in “third spaces”, which are neither company office nor employee home, that encourage communities of employees to spend some time together in a local setting and avoid long commutes.

Taking Action

An impartial review of business and real estate needs, by a workplace consultant, can include analytic tools, interviews, and workshops. This assessment provides the data necessary to inform how much office space is needed and how it should be configured and designed. Working with a workplace specialist can ensure that your rationalization is an innovation.

Whether you are reducing, gaining, or taking on space for the first time, rightsizing your workplace to your future way of working will support the next phase of your organization.


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