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CRUX partner with SB+C – Design Strategy Unit

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Design Strategy Unit analyses the functional and emotional demands of an organisation’s working environment informing firstly its workplace strategy and ultimately its design brief. Utilising digital tools to engage with a wide range of employees this enables business leaders to quickly and efficiently make informed decisions to align their workplaces with employee needs and business objectives.

Uniquely, the combined DSU offering and the expertise that SB+C and CRUX each bring to the collaboration provides clients with the seamless delivery of workplace strategy and analysis, in parallel with concept design, test fits and a fresh vision to reimagine the workplace, and implement any change in working practices.

David George, Founder and CEO at CRUX said:

  • “We’re excited for this collaboration and being able to offer the rich depth of experience of the interior design and architecture services of SB+C to our clients as part of the Design Strategy Unit offering, making us one of the most integrated and complete consultancies in this sector. ’’

Katherine Neathercoat, Head of Interior Design at SB+C said of the collaboration:

  • “We are delighted to be augmenting our Design Strategy Unit through the collaboration with CRUX. We look forward to offering our clients the broad and enhanced service in the arena of real estate and workplace strategy that this opportunity affords us.”

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