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Hybrid Workplace Strategy

Hybrid Working Strategy

Southeastern Grocers had 760 office-based employees headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, though the buildings are accessible to employees as and when teams choose to use the space, they have been working remotely during the pandemic and liek most companies the office utilization was low.  An employee survey in 2021 identified that around 90% of the workforce wanted to remain with some form of remote working.

The time was right to consider what the longer term, sustainable and high performing way of working should look like at Southeastern Grocers, and to identify the opportunities to reduce the amount office space while creating a great workplace experience for their employees.

Our engagement approach, tailored for Southeastern Grocers, results in the employees being able to perform at their best in a flexible, efficient office design, pivoted to encourage more formal and informal collaborative activities, with the focus and general process activities continuing to be done remotely.

We deployed our WEX Engagement Platform across 760 employees and achieved an 78% response rate. We conducted 28 interviews across all verticals at senior management and Board level. We held workshops to confirm the vision and strategy going forwards, all detailed in our Insights Report. The report also contained the Change Management Road Map for the next phase, a detailed work setting / space budget (reducing the HQ space requirement by over 60%), forecast occupancy levels and a concept layout for the new hybrid workplace design.

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