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Developing a workplace fit for a leading global power and technology company

We developed a new workplace strategy and design solution for Cummins. 

Cummins wanted to transform its portfolio in the UK, starting with their main Engine Plant in Darlington.  The current workplace was tired, inefficient, did not support the business and lacked any identity. In addition to transforing the workplace Cummins also wanted to relocate their Support Services functions in Stockton to Darlington, a further 200 people.  

Working alongside colleagues within Overbury and In-trin-sic we undertook an indepth series of engagement activities with the client (workshops, interviews and surveys) to understand their business operations and ways of working preparing a clear statement of requirements and vision. 

We then co-designed the workplace strategy with the business leadership team before handing over to the in house team at Overbury who completed the 80,000 sq ft detail design and construction of TI of the Grade II* listed building Centenary House, Engine Plant and Poplar Buildings.

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