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It's time to move on. Office Design for Flexible Working

Footsteps in the desert
Look forwards, not backwards.

It really is time to put the differences of our past behind us, and focus on the future.

There will always be opinions and zeitgeists at each end of the scale. Whether you’re a dyed in the wool “remote worker”, a “hybrid worker” or an advocate of office life, it’s time to move on from the disruption, and time to just focus on the job of getting work done.

We know from our research and work with clients that many just want to get into a regular, familiar, cadence of work and put behind them the pandemic chaos.

One thing is for sure; the way we work now has more flexibility than ever before. And I’m sure that there will be a gradual increase of that flexibility over the next decade.

For those businesses still sitting on the fence, 2023 really is the year of the decision.

This year your business should be:

  1. Formalizing your way of working through clear agreements

  2. Reviewing your offices and reconfiguring where required to enable flexibility and productivity

  3. Investigating how much real estate your business really needs and challenging the status quo

The benefits are:

  • An engaged and productive workforce

  • Real estate costs that align to actual need

  • Reduction in distraction time for management

How will you achieve these priorities in your business?

Here's your answer: Take advantage of our experience and proven methodologies to deliver all three activities.

Flexible Working is different from the workstyles developed in the Pandemic, and so are office designs.

In 2018 I arrived in New York with the goal of bringing flexible workstyles to the US market. Flexible working, whether you call it that, or agile, or smarter, or hybrid, has been around for over 20 years across the globe. Specialists, like us, have been trail-blazing the future of work by helping organizations implement new ways of working through new office designs for flexible working and change management.

Of my 35 year career, the past 17 have been dedicated to helping businesses implement more flexible ways of working. With my tenure, I have significant insights to share alongside our team, with a proven track record of delivering across many sectors.

Our consultancy, CRUX Workplace is not a start-up. We have not undergone a rebrand to be workplace consultants trying to capitalize on the Pandemic uncertainty. Workplace is in our DNA.

We're an experienced team, founded on the principle of Activity Based Working and agile, flexible working models.

Here’s just a few of our clients: Union Bank, the BBC, Zendesk, Deloitte, Aldi, Bosch, SpringerNature, Southeastern Grocers, Thomson Reuters, G4S and Cummins.

We advocate a deep engagement approach, one which brings a much higher degree of success than alternatives, particularly the “let’s try this and see” approach, or worse still, using someone else's data and office design for your business.

Our proven methodology produces high performing, right sized, and flexible workplace designs. This will help to optimize occupancy and employee performance, attract and retain your talent, and potentially reduce costs too.

If you are skeptical or curious, try our free office assessment or reach out to schedule a complimentary 45 minute call to see how we might support your business.


Desert Dunes.

If you're interested, I took the photo on a camping expedition at this location! https://goo.gl/maps/7cSbKhzFEnSfJ9qQ9


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