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It’s time we talked about the missing evidence.

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The evidence is closer than you might think!


Because what we’re seeing as an industry (by that I mean us specialist advisors to corporate real estate and workplace professionals) is a real hesitancy by real estate and workplace leaders to make decisions.


The personal risk of doing anything other than the same old thing is too great. “What if I suggest this and no one supports me? What if it doesn’t work, what will people think, will I be blamed?”.

And, without a mandate from the C-suite to do anything other than the same old thing, companies are getting the same old thing.

Meanwhile, others who are making purposeful decisions are winning, seeing productivity enabled, talent retained, costs lowered and happy employees flourishing.

So, how do we break that cycle and give these professionals the evidence they need that their ideas and projects will be supported and successful?

Well, often the answer lies within their organization.  It’s a question of structured engagement, ideation and agreement.

And often it requires an external voice, a consultant to help move that along.

You may say I’m biased in that view, but having spent 21 years client side I’d ask you this: how many times have you had great ideas squashed by your management, only for a consultant to frame the same or similar idea in a slightly different way, and for it be positively received? Right!

You’ll see all sorts of graphs and charts and indices on LinkedIn and elsewhere in the media about what others are doing, or worse still a whole bunch of opinions on what should be done without the benefit of facts.

But you can’t solve your challenges with other people’s data, facts or worse still opinions.

The solutions for your workplace and company lie within; you might just need a good workplace consultant (ahem!) to provide a structure that brings those to the surface, using this evidential data to support decision making that is bought into.

The process here is as important as the outcome, as is having the right tools too (like the WEX Engagement Platform).

Engaging all levels of an organization (it’s ok, no need to panic at this thought, it’s done in a controlled and structured way) means that you’ll get the support you need for the solutions, and the success criteria is defined collectively, including the C-suite, meaning that the risk to the individual has now been minimized.

You start the journey with a conversation, and if you do have a mandate for change, a merger/acquisition or lease expiry coming up, then time is of the essence.

Message me now and let’s have that first conversation.



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