CRUX Workplace - Our Story.

We're a valued and trusted advisor with an intricate suite of workplace, real estate and change management services that are niche and exceptionally valuable to the clients we work with. What I believe, is that beyond the skill sets and the 'know-how' behind what we do, the reason we function at the level we're known for is because of the quality of our people.
Our team are experts, they are dedicated to the roles they fill with pride, and their commitment to goals they're tasked with achieving for our clients is admirable.

- David George

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David George

Mark Bradshaw

Mbali Chaise

Iain Clarke

Marissa Wallder

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Karl Buxton

Lis Gleed

Lisa Lord

Kailash Changani

Gareth Andrews

To give expert real estate, workplace and change management advice and to be competent in delivering exceptional solutions to real and varied client challenges, you need to have a team of intelligent, compassionate and ethical people all working in synergy. We think we've building just that.

Each of our team are experts in their own right. Many have held senior positions in businesses as leaders in workplace, real estate and facilities management - so we understand the challenges our clients face, first hand.

From humble beginnings, we have rapidly scaled our team to meet the complex demands of clients whilst rising to the levels of our own aspirations. As we continue to grow year on year, our central focus is driven by innovation: driving our services and staying ahead of the innovations that are always shaping the industries in which we solve problems for our clients.

Congruency in business is important. So at CRUX, we ensure that we too live the message we're promoting to our clients. Our philosophy has been built around the conviction that work is what you do, not where you go. So it's with this belief that we do everything. Our entire team are hybrid workers who contribute to projects, serve clients and collaborate with one another from separate continents, different cities and even opposite hemispheres... never skipping a beat.

So when we lean in to the challenges business face as we emerge from the pandemic, we bring to the table experience, knowledge and expertise from our every day lives too.

How companies do what they do will continue to evolve at warp speed. Our job is to be there at the front, leading the evolution that then happens within organizations like yours. 

How we do, what we do.

As Workplace Consultants the 3 specialised areas we work within, require a spectrum of unique services and tools that are selectively implemented based on what our client's specific needs are, which do fluctuate project to project. Take a moment to get a sense of the work we do below...

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To do great work, you should align with brands who believe in what you believe. That's why in 2020, we proudly partnered with global leading architectural and interior design firm Scott Brownrigg, in the U.S known as SB+C.  Our partnership with the Design Strategy Unit at SB+C continues to extend our reach and impact as an industry-leading service provider.

Teamwork makes the dream work.


This is what we believe.

The work we do at CRUX Workplace matters, because beyond the services we offer, we tend to leave a lasting impact that empowers companies to continue to grow and do their best work for the future ahead. We don't apply band-aids, we build foundations through new ways of working services that 'move the dial' for the companies we support. 

We're proud of the fact that because of the work we do in assisting businesses like yours, your people then get the opportunity to work to their highest potential. When your people can work to their highest order, you'll find that their output meets a higher level of passion and belief in the cause your brand inspires.


To us, that creates purpose in what we do. For you, it creates a result that betters your business in ways you maybe didn't realize consultants like us could make happen.