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Preparing to Reoccupy?

We've been giving some thought as to how we can best help our clients plan for the future way of working.

We have been successfully helping businesses implement remote working for over 17 years, the pandemic has now accelerated this take up.

We are please to say that our new suite of tools, led by our innovative online WEX Engagement Tool can help you to profile your employees, work out who is remote and in-office, how much space they need and what type, plus who they need to collaborate with.


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Home & Remote Working

We have developed a  Home & Remote Working Survey to help you understand how your employees are coping working from home and help identify which team might be might be the first to return to your reopened office.

How are well are your employees coping working from home?

Are they thriving, or just surviving? Being productive, happy?

Ask them to take your Home & Remote Working Survey, our system automatically collates and analyzes the data onto a live dashboard giving useful and practical feedback across the six key success factors, metrics that could mean the difference between just surviving or thriving whilst your teams are working from home.

The sooner you have this rich feedback at your fingertips, the better you can respond to the needs of your remote workforce, keeping your business flowing, your organization successful and demonstrating your leadership by listening to your employees, taking action and keeping them onside during this challenging time.  The survey takes less than ten minutes to complete and we have a super quick turnaround time for reporting back to you too

What next?

But you won’t know this or how to respond to the situation, particularly where teams are struggling, unless your teams complete your Home & Remote Working Survey.

We’ve been working with businesses since the early 2000’s helping them create workplaces that enable productivity and introduce remote working as part of introducing agile working– and the biggest hurdle is mindset – typically the culture of the middle management who are concerned about loss of status and only know how to manage staff by presenteeism, rather than by outputs. We can help you overcome that with our Change Management programme of activities.


What should you do?

Get your Home & Remote Working Survey booked in now.

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David George 

5 Top Tips for Setting up Home Working:

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