COVID-19 Response

This is where we can help.

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Preparing to Re-occupy?

We have proven methodologies to develop our clients future way of working as part of their Return to Office (RTO) strategy.

We have successfully helped businesses implement remote and agile working for over 17 years.
The pandemic has accelerated the change and we
re now seeing organizations wanting to adopt a blended or hybrid solution (which is agile, but by another name).

We can provide you with the workplace, change, and leadership services to guide you along this journey.

The key to success in a change program of this nature is engaging the employees in developing the solution.  We are pleased to say that amongst our new suite of tools, led by our innovative online WEX Engagement Tool, we are able to engage all of your employees in the process and create personas and accurately forecast the ratio of remote, in-office, and hybrid workers. 

We can calculate how many worksettings and how much space is needed, plus create adjacency plans that use our unique collaboration mapping tool, which will improve interactions and productivity.  All of this is displayed on a data rich online dashboard (sample here).

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