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  • David George

Updated: Jan 14

The way of working has moved on for good since the pandemic forced most office based employees into working from home. As the dust settles and we learn to work in new ways, a hybrid approach has emerged. Working partly from the office, partly from home or other locations brings new challenges for managers and business leaders. New and improved leadership skills are necessary to manage a distributed workforce.

Working with world leading work psychology skills and experience of Dr Craig Knight PhD MSc HCPC CPsychol BSCAH, based on 100 year's of science, we have developed The Knight Index - it is an innovation in well-being and performance assessment that put the levers of corporate well-being and performance directly into management hands.

Companies can clearly see what is going right and wrong on an organizational, departmental, team and even individual basis.

How ready are you to manage a Hybrid Team?

Take the Knight Index lite scorecard to find out! You'll get your results emailed to you in minutes.

This lite version of the Knight Index has been designed to spotlight your strengths and to highlight areas of improvement.

Would you like to know which areas of your business need most support when it comes to hybrid working?

Would you like to know how to improve productivity?

“We use world leading psychological science”

Okay, so that’s a bold statement, but we’re working with a world renown expert in this field.

This is still ‘work in progress,’ but here’s a sneak preview of an exciting new tool for our clients to use.

The Knight Index: Ki

This is an innovation in well-being and performance assessment. It is a scientific approach to understanding how individuals, teams or whole companies are performing and provides employers with actionable insights.

At a time when companies are planning their new way of working post Covid-19, the Ki score will identify areas for improvement that are essential to the successful introduction of hybrid or new ways of working.

Want to know more? You know what to do!

  • David George

Earlier this year we opened our new California office in San Diego. CEO David George commented "It's been a long time coming, but we're excited to have our office operational in San Diego. Our team are mainly based from home or client offices, but it is great to have a space to come back to for our team meetings, to touch down between client site visits and for our clients to meet up with us when they want to". Situated at 4876 Santa Monica Ave the office is easily accessible from the freeway coming from LA as well as downtown San Diego. It is also surrounded by great restaurants and bars and is close to the beach too!