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  • David George

Spring is upon us and the level of Covid-19 is subsiding at last; meanwhile the business world considers the purpose and need for their real estate and looks to create a workplace strategy to engage their employees to use their offices.

Californian Business Journal turned to David George to give his insights of over 35 years of workplace strategy experience, what this means for the office design and what he is seeing across the U.S.

In this article David share's some of the latest research and provides some thoughts on how to move forward.

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  • David George

Updated: Feb 21

With the constant stream of ‘click bait’ articles in real estate and workplace publications and LinkedIn, I wanted to cut through the noise and talk to companies directly to find out what was really happening right now in their approach to new ways of working.

To find out what they were doing about the return to office, if anything, and the impact on the workplace design and real estate.

Hybrid anyone?

The Evidence Report was born.

What surprised me as I talked openly and directly with over 20 U.S based business workplace leaders over a 6-week period many of them with global operations, was how open they were about sharing. No one came across as being the ‘expert’ or forecasting the future.

  • So, what is actually happening out there?

  • What are companies really doing when it comes to workplace?

  • What are they doing about ‘return to office’ strategies, if anything?

  • How did big business cope during the pandemic?

For these answers and more, you’ll need to dive into The Evidence Report.

Download the PDF report here

The Evidence Report-Final
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  • David George

It all started with me and Bob having differing opinions and commenting on a LinkedIn article; but to be fair, Bob invited me to appear on his regular series of podcasts "Confessions of a Recovering Landlord".

As our UK lead, Mark Bradshaw pointed out after the event, "I hear that the Texans like to grill things, you included it seems !" It was true, one question after another as we spoke about the trends we were seeing regarding employees returning to the office "RTO" and the impact this is having on workplace and real estate.

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